for Compton, A Frontier Life: Jacob Hamblin, Explorer and Indian Missionary

p. 28, 9th line from top

For “Ronald L. Walker” read “Ronald W. Walker”



p. 48, 5th line from top

For “an adopted son” read “a ceremonial adopted son”



p. 48, 6th line from top

For “seventeen” read “nineteen”



p. 49, 6th line from top

For “Stake” read “branch”



p. 91, 9th line from bottom

For “eight” read “six”



p. 152, 3rd paragraph

For “Campbell” read “Wilson”



p. 155, last paragraph, line one

For “Campbell” read “Wilson”



p. 172, 4th paragraph from bottom

add “modern” before “Arizona”



p. 432, 8th line from bottom

For “indicted; for this trial, charges were dropped against all except” read “targeted; for this trial, the focus was entirely on”



p. 432, 2nd line from bottom

“indicted” read “pursued”



p. 513, n. 69

For “1847” read “1857”



p. 612, “Lee, Rachel. Diary.”

At end of line, add “Also known as Harmony Branch Minutes.”



p. 640

For “Sheldon” read “Shelton”



p. 203

A Burgess descendant writes to me: “The actual Burgess family that adopted the Indian girl from Jacob Hamblin was Melancthon and Margaret Jane McIntire Burgess (my 2nd Great Grandparents).  They named the girl Minnie Viroque/Viroca Burgess.  She lived with them until she married Albert Hartman who was from Silver Reef.”



p. 462, 2nd line from bottom

For “David K.” read “David J.”



p. 496, fn 34

At beginning of note, add: Cox, “Biographical Sketch of Martha Cox.”



p. 582, n. 66

Footnote should read: Jenson, “Hamblin, Jacob,” 100. If Jenson’s date is correct, this might have been a reaffirmation of a previous setting apart; see chapter 27 (1874), this volume (John D. Lee diary, March 12, 1874; John D. Lee, letter to Brigham Young, March 15, 1874). See also McClintock, Mormon Settlement, 87; Quinn, The Mormon Hierarchy: Extensions, 659; Corbett, Jacob Hamblin, 394.



p. 593

In ABBREVIATIONS, after Lee Library, add “LJH: Little, Jacob Hamblin.”